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Julie Floyd Founder, Classic Kids Photography

“To be happy, you must own your own sunshine.”

C.E. Jerningham

Since founding CK more than 20 years ago as the sole photographer and one-woman show, I have often marveled at the unique family our group has become. When I think about who we are and what our company culture is, one word comes resoundingly to mind: “Happy”. That’s it. Happy. Happy is so much more than an adjective or just another word. To us, it is a philosophy and a way of life. It is an authentic expression of who we are and what we believe in.

What is “Happy?” Happy stills you for a moment. It allows you to notice a twinkly smile. It makes your heart swell and blankets you with hope, gratitude and contentment. It allows you to see the wonder and beauty in even the tiniest and most ordinary of things.

To us, CK is our happy little place where we can channel our contagious passions, work hard and be part of something bigger than ourselves. In our studios and lab we are constantly reminded about the very best things in life: expectant parents, brand new life, chubby babies, precocious children, teens launching into adulthood, family bonds and adoring pets. We are invited into the lives of families experiencing some of their most intimate and personal moments. We work in beautiful places and spaces; places where laughter, joy and love bounce off the walls all day long. It is fulfilling. CK is a place that reminds us every day how good life really is. It is a place that makes us grateful.

We are simply a happy company. We create and preserve happy family memories. We hang “Happy” on our walls and on the walls of our customers. This is our culture. Our mission is to be, to inspire, to capture and to spread “Happy.”

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